Igor Boxx (Skalpel): Breslau LP

20 Nov

“As Igor Pudlo (a/k/a Igor Boxx) himself puts it: I’m old enough to remember the birth of punk rock, witness the glorious days of golden era of hip-hop and to evolve with my homeland Poland from communism to capitalism and from analogue to digital with my music and since 1991 I help the entropy by being a dj and mixing music (without stylistic limitations) and other noise that people, animals and machines make. I cut and paste all that jazz.“

On Breslau, Igor’s first solo project, he practices what he’s always preached and gives a bit of an explanation about what it means to come from a Central European city of Wroclaw – a unique place with a complex and troubled history that only after WWII was re-incorporated as a part of Poland. This journey from old to new reflects almost half a century and the entire “lifetime of vinyl culture”, a great insight to music from behind the iron curtain. The rest is…. Well, history.”



01 Breslau
02 Alarm
03 Festung
04 Fear of a Red Planet
05 Russian Percussion
06 In Flames
07 Street Fighting
08 Execution 9
09 Last Party in Breslau
10 Bunker Sweetheart
11 Nightwatch
12 Tank
13 Goliath
14 Downfall

[Preorder: Boomkat / Amazon]


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